Welcome to the Essex Bat Group website

If you have a bat in need of rescue please click on the Bat Rescuetab above and you will find contact details and advice.


Latest: As this is the main bat season and we are out and about, changes and additions to the website are slow and far between. A new events programme is available under the participate tab/Events. Members Area events list was updated 2 August.

What are bats up to in October?

Whilst the Autumn mating season continues, bats increasingly show interest in hibernation sites. They take advantage of warm nights to feed ensuring adequate energy reserves for the winter months when they will be hibernating.  During cold spells, when food is scarce, they begin to spend periods in torpor to conserve energy.  It’s a time of year where balance and judgement are key to survival.   If you find a grounded bat, please go to the bat rescue tab above.

Who are Essex Bat Group?

We are an active voluntary group passionate about the conservation of bat species, their roosts and foraging habitat within Essex. Our activities include survey, research, rescue and care and providing advice and information.  More details are provided under the ‘About’ tab.

AP01Hatfield Forest – one of the best sites for bat diversity in Essex and a site where we are actively involved in surveys (image copyright: A Palmer)