2017 Events

Download our new Spring 2017 Events leaflet (here).   We have talks, bat walks, surveys and events throughout Essex.



Our first annual Jan Ragg Memorial Lecture will be held at the Boreham Village Hall on Friday, 28th April at 7.30pm.

Our guest speaker is long-standing bat carer Gail Armstrong, who will give us a talk entitled ‘Bat Care – Why do we do it?’ Gail will give us an insight into the work of bat carers and detail the benefits of bat care beyond rehabilitation.

Refreshments will be provided.


THE WEALD BAT PROJECT 2017, Brentwood, Essex.

Weald Bat Project is one of Essex Bat Group’s longest running projects.  An annual study of the bat community in this beautiful area of parkland, grassland, woodland and lakes. It is also an important location for introducing and training our members in woodland survey techniques, sound analysis, assessing trees for roosts and use of endoscopes.  The primary focus this year will be looking for roosts, foraging and commuting areas of the Barbstelle bat, known to be present at Weald.

The dates for the bat surveys at Weald Country Park are:

19th April, 17th May, 7th June, 12th July, 16th August, 13th September, 4th October

Meeting locations and times will be confirmed nearer each date

Register your interest with Graham Hart via woodlandbats@essexbatgroup.org


THE THORNDON BAT PROJECT 2017, Brentwood, Essex.

A new project at Thorndon Country Park using some of the techniques and protocols used at Weald to learn more about the bat population of Thorndon. This year we will primarily be looking for the Barbastelle bat, an elusive woodland specialist not previously recorded here.

The scheduled dates for this new Project are:

5thApril, 26th April, 10th May, 31st May, 28th June, 19th July, 23rd August, 6th September, 20th September, 11th October

Meeting locations and times will be confirmed nearer each date

Register your interest with Graham Hart via woodlandbats@essexbatgroup.org


Hanningfield Reservoir Visitor Centre, near Billericay  (For more information please refer to this page)

Since 2008 we have been doing fortnightly emergence counts of the soprano pipistrelle maternity roost at the Essex Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre at Hanningfield Reservoir.  It is a good opportunity for new bat enthusiasts to see them emerging from the roost. It is also interesting viewing for the more experienced observers, with numbers reaching a peak of over 1,000 at the beginning of July 2016 as the young made their first flights.  No equipment is needed but we do suggest you bring along a seat (a hat, coat and gloves is also useful as it can get chilly after sunset).   If you have a bat detector, bring it along but we usually have a couple available to listen to them both prior to emerging and then flying around.

Dates for this year are:

19thApril, 3rd May, 17th May, 31st May, 14th June, 28th June, 12th July, 26th July*, 9th August, 23rd August, 6th September, 20th September, 4th October

*July 26th (public bat count, needs to be booked through the Essex Wildlife Trust website.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Pete Claughton: hannersbats@gmail.com.   Pete will email details of meeting times a few days before each count.


The following Essex Wildlife Trust events, also run by Pete, need to be booked  through the Essex Wildlife Trust website.

Saturday 6th May – Dawn chorus. See the bats return to the roost before a walk around the reserve to hear the dawn chorus (places very limited).

Thursday, 3rd August – Family Bat Evening

Thursday, 17th August – Family Bat Evening


There is also a joint event with RHS Hyde Hall on Friday 11th August – A guided walk around Hyde Hall gardens looking at plants that help the bats before moving to Hanningfield to see the bats emerge.  Please see the Royal Horticultural Society website.