Weald Bat Project

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Weald Bat Project is one of Essex Bat Group’s longest running projects. As well as being an annual study of the bat community in this beautiful area of parkland, grassland, woodland and lakes near Brentwood, it is also an important location for introducing and training our members in woodland survey techniques, sound analysis, assessing trees for roosts and use of endoscopes.

Harp trapVolunteers prepare a harp trap used to catch bats as part of the Essex Nathusius’ Pipistrelle Project at Weald.  Bats are unharmed and trapping is done under licence from Natural England (image copyright: Graham Hart)

Over the years the Project has been able to investigate the use of the various woodland habitats by different species and inform the management of the site to the benefit of bats and other wildlife, creating a unique symbiotic partnership between Essex Bat Group and the Parks Ranger Service

Thanks to funding from the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) team at the Natural History Museum, the Project has been able to provide bat detectors and recording equipment for volunteers who do not possess their own, so aiding the recruitment and development of new woodland bat workers.

Trees with bat roost potential have been identified during winter assessments and then surveyed for bat activity during the summer, generating a lot of new information on how bats are using the park. Roosts have been discovered in several trees, as well as in the visitor centre.

The Weald Project also contributes to the groups Nathusius Pipistrelle Project and is where the idea germinated for our county wide woodland bat project

All 10 bat species known to be resident in Essex have been recorded at Weald Country Park: common pipistrelle; soprano pipistrelle; Nathusius’ pipistrelle; brown long-eared; noctule; Leisler’s; Daubenton’s; Natterer’s; and barbastelle.

Essex Bat Group is grateful for the kind permission, support and co-operation of Essex County Council Country Parks and its staff and to Opal Grants for funding.

Contact: Graham Hart for further details – wealdbats@essexbatgroup.org

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