Weald Bat Box Project

The Weald Bat Box Project is a bat box monitoring scheme at Weald Country Park in Brentwood, Essex. All 10 of the resident species in Essex have been recorded at Weald Country Park. .The box checks started in 2018 using a variety of bat box types across a variety of habitats. 

Surveys will be undertaken by Essex Bat Group volunteers under licence and working with the Rangers where appropriate. We will record species presence, seasonal occupancy levels and the bat’s physical attributes.

Information gathered throughout the project will contribute to our understanding of bat species at a local level, help the park consider bats in their site management and offers members the opportunity to train volunteers towards bat licences. 

If you are a member of Essex Bat Group and want to know more about how you can get involved please email – danburyweald@essexbatgroup.org

Essex Bat Group is grateful for the kind permission, support and co-operation of Weald Country Park.

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