Submit Records

Bat records are really important to us. Knowledge of bat distribution is a foundation for all that we do to support bat conservation. Additionally, records provide us with a source of vital income (they are brought by companies undertaking research so that important habitats, roosts and bats themselves are known about prior to designing development proposals). The revenue generated from records helps us to to promote bat conservation, undertake important research and care for sick and injured bats. We therefore ask that if you have records of bats then please share them with us by using the recording form provided in the link below:

EBG Recording Sheet link

This is an Excel Spreadsheet.  Please note instructions on filling the form are provided on the second workbook.  If you prefer to send records in another format of your own choosing then that is fine, but it helps us if you can use the spreadsheet.  Send records to Tim Sapsford::  

Three other reasons to record bat sightings:

Distribution studies    –  we hope to map bat species across Essex

Identify key sites        –  where do bats roost, hibernate and feed?

Monitor populations   –  how do bat numbers change over time?

Barb mapDistribution of barbastelle bat from recent surveys (image copyright: Essex Bat Group)

barbFull spectrum recording of a barbastelle bat displayed in BatSound software (image copyright: A Palmer)